Email Updates: Applied Bank Unsecured Classic Visa®

This notice is to share updates regarding email for the Applied Bank Unsecured Classic Visa® offer. Optout links have been updated, please check your optout links to ensure they are working correctly. If you are using the “” optout link, you should have no issues, but some publishers may need to repull their optout links. We kindly ask that you please do this today and confirm by email that your opt out links are working.

Additionally, the email disclaimer for this campaign has been updated. If you have previously-approved custom email creatives, you must update the disclaimer to read as below:
† Approval of the Applied Bank Unsecured Classic Visa is subject to verification of residence, identity, ability to pay, and credit underwriting.
This email advertisement is for an Applied Bank Unsecured Classic Visa. For complete details please visit You are receiving this message because you opted-in to receiving emails from a 3rd party. This email was sent to you by the 3rd party, not from Applied Bank Visa itself. If you do not wish to receive future emails about this offer, please click HERE to unsubscribe, Or if you wish to unsubscribe by mail, please send your request, including your email address, to Applied Bank, PO Box 17125, Wilmington DE 19850-7125 Attn: Account Services

Once this change is complete, please email a copy of your updated creatives to Susie Henderson for final approval.

All iCommissions provided email creatives have been updated. Please download the updated versions to replace your existing creative files and ensure all previous versions are removed. The updated versions may be found in your iCommissions portal login.

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