Moving Traffic to PreQualify for Reflex and Surge

Great news! The PreQualify versions of Surge Mastercard (Campaign 218) and Reflex Mastercard (Campagin 194) are outperforming the original campaign ID’s!

For this reason, we are ending the following campaigns so that we can move all traffic to the above-mentioned PreQualify versions. As soon as possible, please update your links to the new campaigns as shown below:

Surge Mastercard® – Campaign 25 update to Surge Mastercard® Prequalify – Campaign 218

Reflex Mastercard® – Campaign 23 update to Reflex Mastercard® Prequalify – Campaign 194

If, for some reason, you don’t see the Prequalify versions in your account, please email us immediately at so that we can ensure they are available to you.

Notes for each traffic type:

Email – Retire your old creative!
The creative for the old campaigns cannot be used on the new campaigns. Please retire all creative and download the new versions specific for the PreQualify links.

Card Comparison Sites – Additional Placement Opportunities!
Since the PreQualify versions offer expanded credit lines, the bank is requesting that publishers consider displaying the cards on bad, fair and even good credit category pages. Please reach out for full details.

Banner Creative Publishers – Changes may be necessary!
Please email us with the banners you are currently using. Most will be approved to use for the new campaigns, but we want to make sure to address any that require updates.

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