APR Update – ABOC Platinum & Union Cards (12/2/19)

Effective 12/2/2019, ABOC is updating the Purchase APR and Cash Advance APR for both ABOC cards. Please review them and make the necessary updates to your listings.

Please note: This also includes bullet point updates for both campaigns, to reflect the new APR’s. You can find the bullet points on the linked Campaign Details documents.

(45) ABOC Platinum:
New Purchase APR: 14.40% to 24.40% (V)
New Cash Advance APR: 26.49%
Platinum Rewards Campaign Details

(60) ABOC Union:
New Purchase APR: 10.75% (V)
New Cash Advance APR: 15.75%
Union Strong Campaign Details

Please reach out if you have any questions.

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