Subject Lines Update – FIT Mastercard®

iCommissions researched email delivery by subject lines for FIT Mastercard®. As a result, we are making improvements.**

We’re removing poor performers, please do not use the following subject lines for FIT Mastercard:
Bad credit? No problem – Apply today to get started!
We may approve you when others won’t
You’ve been recommended – APPLY today!
Your Application for a Mastercard Account!
We Invite You To Apply!
Poor Or Limited Credit? Here’s a Mastercard® For You!
This Mastercard® Is Available For All Types of Credit.
Get top credit card with amazing benefits. Apply Now
?Get A Decision Fast!
Upgrade Your Credit With FIT Mastercard® ?
? Worried About Low Credit? We May Approve You!
Congratulations! Here’s Your Invitation! ?
New Credit Card Opportunity For You?
New FIT Mastercard® in Your Name?
Take Charge of your Credit with FIT Mastercard®
[Date] Notice: Check Your FIT Mastercard® Eligibility Inside.
[Date] Invitation To Apply For A FIT Mastercard®
Inside: Your Invitation To Apply For The FIT Mastercard®

Most Effective FIT Mastercard Subject Lines:
Amazing FIT card for you. Apply today
Get yourself some credit
Legit. Really. Build Your Score. ?
Looking for a new Credit Card? Apply Today!
Mastercard® For You in 2019!
Tap Out Your Application From Any Mobile Device!
Mastercard invitation just for you
Apply Now for a FIT Mastercard® Credit Card
Look inside! New Credit Card may be available here.
A credit card that can keep you on track.
Apply for A Genuine FIT Credit Card
Your New Mastercard Opportunity
?$400 Limit. Really. Act Today!
Easy To Get, Easy To use. ?
FIT Credit Card in Your Name
Get a FIT Mastercard® ?
Ready To Work On That Poor Credit Rating? Act today!

With this new information, we are asking the following of our partners:
1. Re-download and replace all FIT Mastercard® creatives and subject repository.
2. Launch a FIT Mastercard® email campaign.
3. Save the link below to our Approved Messaging document for FIT Mastercard®. This document is frequently updated to the link as new information comes in. Newest information is posted at the top of each category.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

**Research data indicates improved delivery by making these subject line changes. iCommissions makes no guarantee of email delivery improvements by making these changes.

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