ABOC APR Updates

Below are the Regular APR and Cash Advance APR updates that need to be made for both ABOC cards. Please review them and make the necessary updates to your listings. Please note that the bullet points also need to be updated for both campaigns to reflect the new APRs.

(45) ABOC Platinum:
Old APR rate: 14.65 to 24.65% (V)
New APR rate: 14.90 to 24.90% (V)

Old Cash Advance Rate: 26.74% (V)
New Cash Advance Rate: 26.99% (V)


(60) ABOC Union:
Old APR rate: 11.00% (V)
New APR rate: 11.25% (V)

Old Cash Advance Rate: 16.00% (V)
New Cash Advance Rate: 16.25% (V)


Please reach out to Maggie (morth@icommissions.com) or Travis Short (tshort@icommissions.com) if you have any questions.

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